Book a Retreat

Interested in planning a retreat of your own? We want your experience at BaYouCa to be purposeful, effective, and fun! We offer affordable, individualized retreats for guest groups in an environment that fosters development in their church congregation or ministry group. We host groups ranging in numbers from 20 to 130 in the winter and up to 200 people in the fall and spring. 
We have a “menu” of activities to choose from to customize your group experience.  Activities available include Gaga Ball, Ping Pong, Basketball, Soccer Golf, Team Challenge, Water Tubing, Snow Tubing/Sledding, Arrow Tag, and more!
After previewing the contract and options through clicking on the link below, call or e-mail us for more information and to book your retreat now!

Retreat Pricing

$250 non-refundable deposit required to book your retreat (applied to your final bill)